Teens Love Instagram, But Is It Good for Their Mental Health?

76 percent of teens aged 13-17 have an Instagram account. While it’s a great way for them to connect and share with friends, it also may be a danger for their mental health. New research suggests that Instagram, more than any other social media – increases their chances for developing anxiety and depression.

Helping Teens Overcome Depression

Mmajor depressive episodes (MDE) – a serious condition that goes well beyond the boundaries of normal adolescent angst – is on the rise among teenagers. Unfortunately, there has not been a corresponding rise in the number of teens receiving treatment for this problem.

6 Signs of ADHD in Adults

While some children with ADHD outgrow it, about 60 percent still have it as adults. In fact, some adults have ADHD and don’t know it. Here are some signs that may indicate you have adult ADHD.

How Exercise Can Improve Your Mood

Exercise is good for the body. It can help you lose weight, get stronger and reduce your risk of serious health conditions. But exercise doesn’t just benefit your physical health – it can also have a positive impact on your mental health and mood.

Busting Common Myths About Therapy and Mental Health

Most people get an annual physical to make sure their body is well and to detect the early signs of illness, but how often do you get a mental health checkup? Mental health is an important aspect of your physical health that we often overlook or ignore.

Understanding Anxiety and Depression in Women

One in eight women develops depression at some point in her life, but two-thirds of those who are depressed do not seek help. It is important to understand the ways you may experience depression and how they can be treated.